We are helpers. Our mission is to help you to find, tell and share your important stories.

Being able to tell a story well is like speaking a foreign language. And just like speaking a foreign language, storytelling opens up a new world. We teach you a language everyone understands, but only a few speak perfectly.



We have held more than 500 media trainings in the recent years. Each of them was different, since every client and every case is different. Our aim, however, is the same: to ensure that you are fully prepared for appearing in the media or communicating during a crisis. We practice TV and radio interviews, live and recorded talk-shows, and giving interviews for print and online media. We not only teach you how to do your best in an interview situation, but we also explain how journalists think.


There’s a never ending battle for our attention in our world. We receive new impulses all the time: from our phones, text messages, push notifications and e-mails. The constant noise of all these is so tiring that according to a recent research our attention span is only 9 seconds. This can obviously be longer, if our story captivates the audience. Our presentation trainings are aimed to achieve that.

Good presentation skills are important not only for teachers or for those who regularly perform in front of larger crowds, but for everyone in the business world. Being able to articulate your thoughts and plans in a brief, interesting and captivating manner gives you an advantage you can use in your everyday life. On our trainings we not only to teach you the small tricks of creating good slides or structuring your presentation well, but we also help you to act naturally, avoid stage fright and stress.


The themes of our team building trainings are desinged in close cooperation with our clients, depending on the size of the team and the aim of the training. Our specialized trainings concentrate on communication and the world of television.

In our special TV workshop, ou clients make their own TV programme. We assist them throughout the process. Participants can try their hands at presenting, reporting, producing or even in filming. The final result is a TV show, where participants can try their creativity and ideas.


Just like every person, each company has its own stories. Stories that we’d love others to know and tell about us. Storytelling is one of the oldest methods of sharing information and building a brand. We help you in finding and developing these stories, so that you can share them in a clear and inspiring way, no matter where: on a website, in a corporate presentation or during an employer-branding campaign. At our workshops, we put together a communication matrix that will help our clients communicate successfully.


We consider films to be a kind of carrier, which helps to convey our important messages to our audience. The approach is the same, no matter what the form is: an ad, a corporate image movie or a viral video. At Prompt Media, filmmaking starts with a discussion so that we can understand the story and its target audience, and then we can decide on the best form. In the last two decades we have produced thousands of short films (news packages, longer magazine reports, corporate movies, viral videos and ads). None of them were the same, because clients are different. So each and every time we come up with new ideas to tell a story.


Our team consists of professionals with various backgrounds in communication. We were covering national and international news on TV, and produced thousands of reports and shorter films. We ran corporate communication for international companies, and worked with several communication agencies. Using our experience in visual storytelling we are here to tell your story. Our crew does not only have the technical skills for putting together an engaging video but we can provide meaningful insights to your communication agenda. We can help you to find the right format, length and language for your video, so that in can have the biggest impact.

Dániel Manhalter

Co-founder & Managing Partner
Daniel is the co-founder and managing partner of Prompt Media. He is our senior trainer with a special focus on strategic and crisis communication. He is a regular contributor to various TV programs, including RTL Klub’s documentary programme and Arte Television. Before co-founding Prompt Media, he was the economic correspondent for RTL Klub in Hungary and their assigned correspondent to Shanghai for a year. He also served as a press officer in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Csaba Faix

co-founder & creative director
Csaba Faix is the co-founder and head of creative services at Prompt Media. He is communications professional with more than 15 years of experience in PR and broadcast journalism. He gives media- and presentation trainings to Hungarian and International clients, and provides communication consultancy globally. Previously, he was running Prezi's international communications, as the regional PR lead in the EMEA region. He worked nine years in broadcast journalism covering politics and International stories. He reported from a variety of places, including Egypt during the Arab Spring and the 2008 US presidential election. 

Márta Holló

Senior Trainer
“You are what you allow others to see of you
Márta Holló is Prompt Media’s guest trainer. She has a diverse experience in communication. For 15 years, she worked for RTL Klub, Hungary’s most watched TV channel as a presenter and editor in chief. Currently she’s the anchor of ATV’s evening news programme. She specializes in corporate communication, trainings and personal or team coaching.

Dániel Balázs

Head of Films
Dániel Balázs is the head of films at Prompt Media. He joined the company in 2016 after finishing his media and communication studies. He is producing a wide range of films, from corporate videos to commercials, using state-of-the-art visual storytelling techniques from drones to AR videos.

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